Get to know Guanajuato, Mexico 

The Center of New Opportunities and Continuing Education (CONOCE) is your guide to the rich heritage, unique adventures and remarkable culture that await in Guanajuato

Committed to the endless pursuit of knowledge, CONOCE offers new opportunities for language immersion and cultural learning in the heart of Mexico. Whether studying Spanish alongside international peers, sharing a meal with a local host family or exploring the surrounding mountains on two wheels, Guanajuato offers an experience of a lifetime.


Learn Spanish

Make your world bigger, get to know Mexican culture and learn the second most spoken language in the world. New immersion opportunities await in Guanajuato. Study for a semester, a summer or take private classes.

Live in Guanajuato

Stroll through the twisting alleys and emblematic tunnels of the colonial city you'll call home. Live and learn with your peers in Casa CONOCE or be fully immersed with a local Mexican family.   

Explore and Discover

Savor the history, arts and natural beauty of one of Mexico's leading cultural destinations. Don't let school stand in the way of your education. Life's best-learned lessons are gained through direct experience.  

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